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For more than a hundred years at Arnold, Luhe-Wildenau the world has revolved around wood and its fantastic shaping possibilities.

Around the turn of the century Johann Zintl acquired a wheelwright’s shop, and throughout the course of his career extended it into a carpenter’s shop for windows and doors.

In 1965 Karl Arnold Sen. took over the carpenter’s shop from his father-in-law. He then further expanded the enterprise and established a reputation for the company in the area.

In 1972 Karl Arnold Jr. assumed control over the carpenter’s shop at just 26 years old following the premature death of his father.

In 1977 Karl Arnold jun. constructed a new workshop on Planstraße 20. Another facility and an exhibition center were to follow in the years 1985 and 1995.

Through much dedication Karl Arnold jun. succeeded in establishing the company for over 40 years in an ever changing market.

On 01.01.2011 the company was incorporated as ARNOLD-Möbelmanufaktur Gmbh & Co. KG which saw the entry of Thomas Wagner in administration and workshop foreman Martin Kick, who had already been working at the company for 20 years.

Early 2011 investment in new CNC and CAD technologies, machinery modernization and a complete renovation of the roof and facade.

As longtime foreman and master craftsman, Karl Arnold is involved to this day in furthering the craftsmanship of the trade in our region.

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